Pool Rescreening Brandon FL


Lanai, Patio, and Pool Cage Rescreening Services for your Brandon Home.

Our Brandon contractors will get your favorite outdoor space rescreened!

Our rescreening contractors specialize in pool areas and screened-in lanais in Brandon, FL.

Screens and enclosures are the perfect addition to your home’s outdoor architecture. They provide protection against harmful elements, increase comfort and enjoyment, and add privacy to your outdoor area while enhancing your property’s beauty and market value. But over time, these structures may deteriorate and lose functionality due to old age and weather.

Whether your screen rooms need to be rescreened or repaired, our professional Brandon team can handle it. We are experts in rescreening pool enclosures, screened-in lanais, and patios and repairing retractable awnings. Our contractors are all licensed and insured. We also only use the highest quality materials to ensure your property looks its best once again.


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Why rescreen your screens in Brandon, FL?

Pool Rescreening Brandon FL


Say no to DIY. Leave your rescreening jobs to our professional Brandon team.

Our lanai rescreening and pool screen repair company in Brandon, Florida, has a network of qualified and skilled contractors to work on your project—big and small. While our name implies focusing on rescreening, we are also experts in retractable awning repair and pool screen repair. Our contractors are the best in the area and are chosen for their knowledge, efficiency, and experience level.

Contact us today at (813) 686-6303 to start your project and have worry-free outdoor enjoyment!

Certified rescreening experts

We’ve assembled the best designers and fabricators in the business to restore the beauty of your screens. Our team has gained its expertise not only from experience but also from professional training.

High-quality rescreening materials

Our rescreening professionals only use 100% USA-made quality materials, so rest assured that your newly rescreened enclosure will last longer and give you better protection for years to come.

Different rescreening services

We rescreen all types of structures: lanais, patios, sunrooms, pool areas—you name it! Our team also offers repair services if your existing screens or retractable awnings are damaged or torn.

Beautiful custom designs

Thinking of updating your screen’s design? Our team can customize your enclosures to fit your new vision and budget. Whether it’s an elegant gable roof enclosure or a modern mansard roof enclosure, we can do it.

Schedule an in-home consultation

Damaged screens due to weather, pests, and other factors? We’ll come out to your place and fix it! Call our rescreening team now, and see how we can bring back the beauty and functionality of your screen rooms.


With our rescreening services, you can enjoy the great Brandon, Florida weather all year long

Pool Cage Rescreening

Patio Rescreening

Lanai Screen Repair & Rescreening

Retractable Awning Repair

Our Pool Cage Rescreening services in Brandon, FL, will make your pool area look like new again.

Drive around town, and you’ll notice the many residential properties featuring screen-enclosed pools. Pool enclosures or cages are popular in the Sunshine State. If you also own one, having a timely rescreening service is a fantastic way to keep your pool protected from the outside elements and maintain your home’s curb appeal.

More reasons to rescreen your old or damaged pool enclosure:

  • It protects you from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays.
  • It helps your pool remain clean.
  • It protects kids from accidents.
  • It increases comfort and enjoyment
  • It keeps the pesky bugs and debris out.

Choose us for your pool cage rescreening job in Brandon, FL. We’ll visit your home and give you an accurate estimate of what it will cost to re-screen your pool area. Then we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a brand new-looking and well-protected pool. Our rescreened enclosures are durable, long-lasting, and can perform well in our hurricane-prone state.

We do Patio Rescreening so you can keep enjoying the beautiful Brandon, Florida weather.

A screened-in patio is one of the most beautiful outdoor features you can add to your Brandon home. It’s a secure area for entertainment or to revel in a lovely summer evening. However, screened patios also need repair or rescreening every now and then.

Reasons to rescreen your patio enclosure:

  • It lets you continue enjoying the beautiful outdoors while having sunlight protection.
  • It gives you more privacy from your neighbors.
  • It offers an ideal place for your sun-loving plants.
  • It provides a safe space for your kids and pets.
  • It maintains the value and curb appeal of your home.

Our local Brandon contractors are experts in patio rescreening and screen repair. We only use commercial-grade materials to guarantee that our screens won’t rust or corrode easily and keep protecting you all year long. Our team can pull off whatever new appearance you envision for your patio. If you have a specific color, layout, or feature in mind, let us know, and we can customize your screen to fit your lifestyle.

With our Brandon Lanai Screen Repair and Rescreening services, we can bring your lanai back to life.

Many Brandon homeowners love screened-in lanais because they can enjoy the natural surroundings while still having that secluded feel. If your lanai screens are beginning to degrade due to sun damage, high winds, pet damage, or heavy weight from debris, don’t wait; get them rescreened as soon as possible to prevent costly damages in the future.

Why rescreen or repair your lanai screens:

  • It keeps your outdoor furniture clean and safe from debris.
  • It deters vandals and burglars.
  • It gives you more privacy from your neighbors.
  • It protects you from wildlife and Florida’s most notorious pests.
  • It maintains your home’s high resale value.

We are the team to call when you need lanai screen repair and rescreening services in Brandon, Florida. Our local contractors are the best at what they do and can rescreen your lanai based on your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Whether you want to update the look of your property or simply get rid of those pesky bugs that keep entering your lanai through the holes in the screens, our team will not let you down.

Old, damaged, and sagging awnings? We’re the best in Retractable Awning Repair in Brandon, FL.

Retractable awnings are a convenient and functional outdoor shading solution for both homeowners and business owners. They protect your storefront, deck, balcony, or patio furniture from direct sunlight, UV rays, and rain. One problem with retractable awnings is that, over time, they may become worn out due to weather conditions.

Signs it’s time to repair your retractable awning:

  • Color fading and discoloration
  • Dented or bent frame
  • Mold growth
  • Sagging
  • Fabric tears, cuts, and holes
  • Rust

Here at our Brandon company, we also do retractable awning repairs on top of our rescreening services. Our contractors guarantee quality work and competitive prices to keep your awnings working at their best. With our premium-quality materials and unmatched skills, we can handle any retractable awning issue you have.

Whether there’s a rust build-up on the frame or the fabric has developed tears where water can penetrate, you can count on us to fix them fast. We only use premium-quality materials and offer different retractable awning designs to match your outdoor aesthetics.

Should you rescreen or repair?

Our Brandon team will help you decide if it’s best to rescreen or repair based on the condition of your screen rooms. Schedule an in-home consultation now!

Tips for hiring a rescreening company in Brandon, Florida

When it comes to rescreening, never settle with a less experienced company. Hire a team that can do the job right the first time and only delivers quality work.

Here are some questions to ask before choosing a contractor for your rescreening project:

  1. How long have you been in the industry?
  2. Do you have Florida licensing and insurance?
  3. What is the quality of your screens like?
  4. How fast can you finish a project?
  5. Do you have a portfolio of past works to show?
  6. Do you offer warranties?

Our Brandon team works fast and can help you turn your worn-out screens into something you love again. Call us now to schedule an in-home consultation!

Pool Rescreening Brandon FL

Frequently asked questions about lanai, patio, and pool cage rescreening in Brandon, FL

Florida is known for its lovely sunny days. But too much sun can be dangerous to your health and ruin outdoor relaxation. Pool screens or enclosures help block harmful UV rays and keep you and your family cooler so you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Pool cages are also common in the Sunshine State because of pool safety requirements. They help prevent accidents like drowning and provide protection against debris, pests, and unwanted visitors.

Yes. Enclosures can benefit your swimming pool in more ways than you can imagine. They provide sunlight protection, give security against insects and debris, keep your pools clean, and extend your swimming season. Pool enclosures can also last for many years as long as you follow a timely rescreening or repair service.

That depends on the extent of the damage, but typically, it’s best to schedule a lanai rescreening service every 5 to 8 years. These are the times when your screen may start to sag and deteriorate, and the spline that holds your screen shrinks.

A lanai rescreening job may cost around $35 per hour. You may need to add between $5 and $15 per square foot if the materials are included in the project. But keep in mind, no two jobs are the same. It’s best that you contact our Brandon team for a more accurate estimate.

The average lifespan of pool cages is 10 to 12 years. That still depends on the quality of the materials used and whether it is built by professional contractors. If your pool cage is starting to wear out or show signs of old age, rescreen it immediately to prolong its lifespan.

Our Brandon rescreening experts are ready to take on your project!

Rescreening is the best way to refresh your lanai, patio, or pool cage. We at Brandon FL Rescreening can restore and maintain the protective barrier of your outdoor space. For many years, we have rescreened many enclosures for pools, patios, and lanais. No job is too small or big for our team – we do it all!

Contact us today to request a free project estimate or inquire about our services. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any question you may have and help you decide on the suitable rescreening material for your Brandon home.

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